Our mission is,

To provide products to our customers which has higher technological features and quality that increases their performance by following the requirements of the continously developing technology and advanced industries.


Our target is,

Carefully describing the needs and expectations of our sector and customers by means of our team's collective work to increase the customer satisfaction.


Our Policy is,

providing customer's requirements and special demands on the right time, cost and quality to keep customer satisfaction at the highest.


This policy:

-Increasing quality, productivity and creativity while decreasing the cost.

-Becoming a reliable supplier for our customer.

-Continously developing our corporate identity and culture.

-Preventing errors before they occur and make studies for providing right production in the first time and perpetually.

-Keeping the our collaboration with our customers at the highest level.

-Ensuring product safety and minimize all risks aimed at our customer and employees.

-Fullfill our responsibilities against the environment and society by producing products which are suitable to legal necessities.

-Assure qualification of our employees and their participation in our continous development journey.

-Will be implemented by looking out for our firm's profitability aim.